This little peanut is so stinking cute. Reese is a compacted version of her big brother Owen and certainly enjoyed the cuddles Reese gave me while Owen fed me a cookie. Man I love my job!​ So sweet to incorporate mommies wedding pearls into the photo.


It’s always the sweetest pleasure being invited to photograph those first days at home with a new baby. Born into an amazing family, this little one will always be surrounded by love. Cutie Vincent is 8 days old here. I think Vincent was helping me put his hat on.

Packaging Bliss

I’m so excited​ about my new packaging for 2016!​ Because lets face it, packaging matters, it makes us feel special and celebrated. ​'​Weathered by H​and' ​gives this wood box,​ a nice reclaimed look and it's​ filled with natural wood wool ready to hold your images on usb. I’m sure my wonderful clients are going to love these custom keepsake boxes!

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