Wedding - Krystal & Chris

There is so much beauty in a rainy day wedding. The people closest​ to Krystal and Chris hearts gathered to watch the couple get married at Vineland Estates Winery. The rain held off just long enough for the ceremony,​ but it ​opened up, as the couple were​ announced​ husband and wife. They were so ​bright & welcoming that despite the rainy weather, they played in the rain.

Family - Connolly

I had the opportunity to capture a friend's new extended family the other week. You can see here how close they are and the strong bond they share. I'm sure this bond will guide this new family throughout their journey.

Wedding - Ashley & Albert

It was a joyful, hot summer’s day as Ashley and Albert were married in Niagara. The playfulness of this wedding party in the tall grassy fields was a delight to capture. I know nothing but great things are in store for the two of you as you start your new adventure together! Save

Wedding - Suzanne & Francois

Their wedding day was a whirlwind of delight with magic in the air. Suzanne and Francois stood in front of family and friends with perfectly hand written vows. They have lived a lifetime together and raised two beautiful children together. Thank you for your warmth and generosity, and for sharing a piece of your journey with me. Save

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