Engagement - Kelly & Graham

This one is special and it doesn’t get lovelier than this. For those who have been following me for a while, know that Kelly has been working with me for 8 years now and in a way she‘s my work wife as well as my good friend. But now it’s time for Kelly to be in front of my lens with the love of her life. I am beyond excited for Kelly and Graham. They get each other’s weird humour, and he has an amazing way of getting Kelly to laugh hard. Kelly and Graham, I wish you both the very best on your journey into marriage. Hang on, for what I’m sure will be an incredible ride.

Engagement - Lauren & Bowen

Oh how I wish cherry blossoms lasted longer with their beautiful tiny little flowers, but I guess it wouldn’t be special if it were an everyday occurrence. Lauren and Bowen were really at ease with one another and quick to laugh. Their closeness and comfort was a joy to be around and photograph. Their wedding in October is going to be so wonderful! I’m so excited to see them surrounded by their family & friends.

Babies - Libby

This sweet little girl was so good for me. With her chubby cheeks, funky hair and laid-back attitude I could have photographed her all day.

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