2016 -

The end of the year is upon us and, wow, has it gone by quickly! I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to work with so many wonderful couples, from weddings, babies and families, I’m grateful for all of you. There was so much laughter, so much caring, so many wide-open hearts this year. A special heartfelt thank you to every bride and groom who let me capture their day. It’s not a small thing and I never take it, or you for granted. Here’s to hoping this Christmas will bring a little quiet, a little peace, a little slow down time, in order to appreciate just how full my heart is right now. The photos below are just a glimpse into what this past season looked like and there was no shortage of l

Behind 2016

My heart brims with gratitude as I reflect on this past year. There were a lot of smiles, lot of laughter, lot of hugs, maybe a little heat stroke…ok, it was hot this summer but we would do it all again in a heartbeat. So here is a look at some behind the scenes photos of Kelly and I doing thing. A raining day just means we have to work closely with other vendors. Lean like a photographer. Just trying to blend in. On wedding days we seem to dress a lot of people. For one wedding I had the pleasure of having Angie Griffith for my second shooter. You can see her in the bottom right corner holding a branch for me and still shooting! My trick with getting great shots with kids is to get them inv


Before I post the traditional end of the year photos. I wanted to put up a long overdue blog. If you didn’t already know, my second shooter and creative partner is Kelly Johnson. She is incredible and makes every wedding day fun. Weddings can be stressful, but Kelly always makes me feel calm and solves every problem I may encounter. My clients always say that I am calm despite it being so chaotic on the wedding day, but it’s really because I have Kelly by my side. Not behind, but beside me. When I’m pulling photos for the blog I often come across some great shots from Kelly. This year I’ve pulled a bunch of hers to showcase the great work she’s been doing. You are Polo to my Marco <3 Thank

Baby - Ena

This sweet little girl with her dark hair and squishable face has the whole family adoring her.

Engagement - Sara & Geoff

The weather might have been cold on this day but the company was warm with these sweet amazing people in love.

Family - Shalane, Mike & Mason

We’ve been so lucky that the weather hasn’t been too harsh and I can keep shooting outside. This cute little cuddle ​bug​ belongs to ​some awesome admiring parents. I’d like to think of him as The little Man with a thousand​ Expressions!​

Family - Vanessa, Chris & Vincent

This tiny little man with a big welcoming smile is about to turn one! It’s always a delight to get together with this tightly knit family, they love well and they love deep. Completely hilarious to watch him smash this cake.

Baby - Matthis

Matthis is a delightful little boy with bits of red in his hair.​ T​he way his top lip hangs over just a little creates a sweet puckered look like he wants to just give you a big kiss!​

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