This one is special and it doesn’t get lovelier than this. For those who have been following me for a while, know that Kelly has been working with me for 8 years now and in a way she‘s my work wife as well as my good friend. But now it’s time for Kelly to be in front o...

Oh how I wish cherry blossoms lasted longer with their beautiful tiny little flowers, but I guess it wouldn’t be special if it were an everyday occurrence.

Lauren and Bowen were really at ease with one another and quick to laugh. Their closeness and comfort was a joy to...

This sweet little girl was so good for me. With her chubby cheeks, funky hair and laid-back attitude I could have photographed her all day.

What a way to start the 2019 weddings!
At this point I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room, including Kelly and I.
Danielle and Dan’s wedding day was full of love, tears, laughter, celebration and more tears.
Thank you for your warmth and generosity, and for sh...

Why is it so cute to have babies in baskets? Not too long ago I photographed her brother the same way. At two weeks old little Romy has the sweetest little features.

Born into a very sweet family. Little Leo is a delightful boy with creamy skin and blonde hair. With the way he sucked his lower lip I could have photographed him all day.

Michael is one . . . how does time fly so fast! I loved seeing how much he has grown in the past 12 months!
With help from his big brother I was able to get some great expressions on Michael’s face.

At nine days old, little miss Charlotte is the most perfect little girl. With her sweet sleepy little face, I could have cuddled her all day. I was lucky enough to photograph her parents wedding and thought it was a great opportunity to pull in her beautiful wedding dr...

Looking at these images brings a smile to my face, you can feel the love and joy around Marina’s first Christmas. I’m also pretty sure Mom was behind me helping to get those sweet smiles.

The nice thing about going to a client’s home is being able to photograph in the nursery, especially a beautiful one like this one. At 17 days old Nikolas loved being in front of my heater. You could see little hints of red in his hair and he’s becoming such a good eat...

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