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Behind 2014

It’s always fun to share behind the scene photos of a wedding day.

Yes, my job on the wedding day is to take photos but a lot more happens on the wedding day. Fixing dresses, pinning hair, grabbing water for the bride and groom, making sure the day is running on time, bustling dresses, smiling under pressure and I can’t even count how many corsages we pin per wedding.

Oh and that pinning part is mostly Kelly.

I have a weird ability of balancing rings really fast.

Kelly caught me getting a better angle for the dress shot.

Kelly’s always there to lend a hand. Side note; the umbrella was later edited out.

This was my first time photographing a wedding in snow pants!

If a bride asks us to create wind we’re going to create wind, plus a funny photo ;)

Setting up a night shot before hand so we only have to pull the bride & groom away from the party for five minutes. On a side note Kelly learned don't stare at the flash and then try to high-five me that night.

At the end of the night if there is a photo booth then Kelly and I are jumping in into!

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