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Wedding-Calyx & Christian

Every now and then a couple comes along that is just so special that I can't help but love them instantly. Calyx and I met at the market, where i learned she also had a love of hand bags! I was trying to convince myself that one particular bag would be practicable because I could fit one of my cameras in it. Through our conversation Calyx told me she just started planning her wedding. This might have been a perfect match. But that's enough about Calyx and I ... The wedding was held at the wonderful Vineland Estates Winery. These two are fun, funny and fantastic together. The thing that makes a wedding incredible to photograph are the things beyond the details, how stunning the couple looks or if there's a 5 course dinner. Those things are necessary too, but at the end of the day it's about witnessing a connection between two people that's just in perfect balance. What I love about Calyx and Christian is all the little moments that happen when you have that type of connection. The way they interact with one another when nobody is watching just makes me so happy!

Can you believe Calyx and Christian made all of these yummy things!!

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