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Behind 2015

We often go through the same things at Weddings. Lots of laughter, sore feet, dehydration, eating gummy sharks in the car, Kelly pinning at least 6 boutonnieres, groomsmen asking us if we want a shot of something and hugs from the bride and groom. So to show you all the fun we get up too here are some behind the scenes photos from our weddings this year.

One of these bridesmaids is not like the other.

Not sure what I’m doing but if it makes my clients laugh I’m going with it.

We fix a lot of pretty dresses.

We were lucky enough to work with some great animals this year and two of our Brides challenged us to photograph rings on the noses of dogs.

I love it when we get requests for laying down shots. We carefully tuck a blanket under them so not the ruin the dress and it stays complete out of the photo.

I don’t think Kelly was happy when she had to push back this spiky plant.

Your wrap looks so nice, let me borrow that.

Sometimes we get very romantic dinners. We should show our men folk these in hopes they’ll get the hint.

How can we say no when we’re pulled on the dance floor.

Shot with an iPhone when we nailed a Friday, Saturday and Sunday wedding in a row.

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